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Postgraduate Program in Otorhinolaryngology

Postgraduate Program in Otorhinolaryngology


Postgraduate Program in Otolaryngology of Escola Paulista de Medicina – Unifesp has awarded over 470 degrees since its creation in 1979.


Since its foundation in 1979, the graduate program in otolaryngology of the universidade federal de são Paulo / Escola Paulista de Medicina has aimed to subject prospective teachers and researchers to specific training and qualification. The main purpose of the program is to generate and disseminate relevant scientific knowledge to the field of otorhinolaringology. Through time, the specialty of Head and Neck Surgery joined the otolaryngology program, creating a broader area that currently includes our two areas of concentration: Otorhinolaryngology sciences and Basic and Applied Skull Surgery in Head and Neck. The result of the training of several teachers and researchers throughout these years resulted in the graduation of 293 teachers, 175 doctors and 07 Post-Doctors. These results demonstrate an active participation of our University in the process of nucleation of teachers who currently work in several federal, state, and private universities throughout the Brazilian National territory.

This program is multidisciplinary, extrapolating medicine, integrating with other areas of science. Our goal is to provide to both our institution and the National Academic Community a group of researchers with strong and well-designed research lines in health sciences, who will be ultimately responsible for training prospective teachers and researchers in graduate school.

Among the compulsory courses included in the graduate school program are included: Pedagogy and didactics, Medical Ethics, Biostatistics, Scientific Methodology.

Due to the shortage of Postgraduate programs in otolaryngology in Brazil, it is our duty to develop research in this area, correlating basic sciences research to possible practical application in ENT diseases. By pursuing this goal, we may encourage the development of new knowledge by qualified professionals, leading to the growth of the scientific knowledge in otolaryngology not only in Brazil, but worldwide. 

The main goal of the Otolaryngology, Skull Base and Head and Neck Surgery departments of our Graduate Program is to train skilled researchers, generate new knowledge, and to develop new tools that may lead to research involving translational medicine. Due to the characteristics of this surgical sub-specialty, our program has a great responsibility in the development of clinical studies associated with basic research. clinical trials to evaluate the applicability of new diagnostic and therapeutic resources are as important as the effort to produce new basic sciences knowledge. Thus, our program merges basic sciences and clinical trials of cutting edge.

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